Toast of the Town (TOTT) is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many clients with a variety of needs. For some, that need is simply event design. For those of you that haven’t worked with us before on an event where event design is involved, we thought it might be helpful to see how simple we have made it to work with us with this easy 10 step process for basic event design.

We love producing events! As you may have guessed we have it down to a science on how to best take care of our clients and ensure everyone is ecstatic with the end result.

How do we do this?

10 Easy Steps:

  1. Discovery Call: Together we meet to learn all about your event decor needs, and to hear about your vision for the future.
  2. Design Board Creation & Finalization: TOTT will prep and submit design boards encompassing elements like lighting, stage design, entrance design, and tablescape design based on the vision shared with us from your Discovery Call. Together we review all design boards and get feedback on what you like, don’t like, and love!
  3. Floorplan Creation & Submission: TOTT will prepare event floorplans for your consideration and review before submitting them to your venue. Together we review them to ensure there are no mission elements.

  • For our larger events, in many cases, we are able to create 3D versions as well.

  1. Pre-Event Walkthrough: Together we meet onsite at the event venue to walk through our event floor plan with our dedicated venue rep and capture any unique logistics required for our design execution.
  2. Design Pre-Event Check-in Meeting: Together we will meet to discuss any new elements that have changed in the event that may impact the event design so that TOTT may adjust accordingly. Design budget updates may also be shared during these meetings.
  3. Final Pre-Event Check-in Meeting: Together we will meet to discuss updates from both parties. During this meeting, we often finalize our table placements and counts as well and if we are assisting with any event signage review of these items may take place here. We also would share any load-in or load-out timelines for us and our vendor partners so that you.
  4. TOTT Load in & Set up: The TOTT team arrives onsite at the event location and begins executing on the event design driven by your vision and the design boards.
  5. Pre-Event Walkthrough: Baring client availability we always like to do a pre-event walkthrough together so that we can ensure that you are happy with the execution of everything we have implemented.
  6. TOTT Loadout & Strike: The TOTT team comes back onsite to break down and remove all items so that the event venue is cleared out in time for their next client’s arrival.
  7. Post Event Debrief: Together we connect to review the whole planning & execution process to gather any suggestions on how to make next year’s event bigger and better!


Now, not all events are created equal, and we do get the exciting occasional opportunity to create environments that are dressed top to bottom with an incredible design for some of our clients. Does it take more? Yes! Do we work just as hard to make it a fun and exciting process for our clients? Absolutely! Either way, we are here for you and ready to impress! Contact us today to learn more or take a look at a sample of some of Our work..


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