Many of us have seen it in the movies – the magic bag that event planners pull out with seemingly the kitchen sink in it. The reality isn’t much different. As planners do, we all have a bag, box, or tote with a little bit of everything that we think we might need to get us through an event. Today we thought we would give you a sneak peek of what we believe to be the essentials to any good event planning survival kit.


  1. Sustenance.
    With as long as event days can be you should never plan on a meal break. Even the best planners can get snagged up with last-minute edits that can leave them missing a meal. Here are some of our go to’s for sustenance:

    • Water bottles (we love reusable water bottles, but if you have a team supporting you bring enough for everyone and then some. You would be surprised how much water you can drink on an event day when you’re running around. And if your team isn’t drinking enough on their own – remind them to. Event hangover is real and comes about from exhaustion and dehydration)
    • Nuts (quick, not messy, high protein, filling)
    • Crackers (something light and filling can help hold you over if need be and are easy to share)
    • A little sugar (three quarters into your day you may find yourself desperate for a little something sweet, whether it’s grapes or bite-sized candies it’s always good to have something on hand)
    • Something carbonated (you would be surprised how even sparkling water can help wake you up a little)


  1. Self Care Items.
    This can be anything you think you might need to survive an active and high-stress day. Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Ibuprofen (aches, pains, headaches)
    • Nail File (can’t snag a nail on linens)
    • Evian spray (refreshing when you need it)
    • Tums (too much coffee can be a bad thing)
    • Mints (to cover up the coffee breath)
    • Hair ties, travel brush, travel hairspray, makeup (you may be planning to set up only and end up attendee facing)
    • Deodorant (you may need to reapply mid-day)
    • Cough drops or throat spray (yelling across a room all day can wear out your voice you may need a little help to get you through)
    • First Aid Kit (because who knows when you’ll need it)


  1. Event Necessities.
    No matter what there are always just a few items you should keep on hand that you will likely need or may put you in quite a pickle if you’re without them.

    • Black Gaffers Tape (If your AV company or the client has any wires or extension cords on the floor you will need this. Your AV team should have some on hand but they will love you when they run out)
    • Velcro Tape (this is one tool that should always be in your toolbox and has a million uses)
    • Glue Dots (these little guys are a discrete way to attach things that are delicate)
    • Sharpies, Pens & Highlighters (usually we have 6 sharpies, 20 pens, and 2 highlighters on us at all times)
    • Scissors (2 pairs with your company name written on them so they don’t disappear)
    • Clear fishing line (50lb is typically what we keep on hand)
    • Clear counter easels (8.5”x11” so that if needed the client can print something last minute on basic printer paper onsite)
    • Super Glue (because….. You never know when something crucial could break)
    • Backup USB drives (We usually keep 5 or 6 on hand in case a presenter or AV needs it)
    • Apple & Android chargers ( at least one of each, a charged battery pack is even better)



These items are of course just the basics but hopefully help you prep for your next big event! If that event is a wedding and not a banquette, gala, or conference, I would also suggest checking out this list to make sure you aren’t forgetting any of those tiny details that can make life easier.

As planners, we are nothing if we are not prepared, and although we can’t always see everything coming, there is a lot we can plan for. Curious about other tools or resources that we can provide? Check out our website for free e-books and other blog posts that might help you along the way.

Happy Planning!

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