Over the last 18 months, off-site teams and remote work has skyrocketed and a question that comes up again and again is “How do you keep remote employees engaged so they don’t lose the sense of comradery?” According to a Gallup research poll conducted in early 2020, research found that ‘highly engaged workplaces lead to an increase in employee performance rates, results in 41% lower absenteeism and 21% higher profitability.’ Today we focus on two fun ways to bring your remote team together through next level foodie experiences by organizing virtual or hybrid team-bonding events they will remember.




A great option for teams broken into smaller groups is the Farm-To-Table concept. Enjoy a tour of a local farm or market, where the goal is to not only personally pick out the ingredients you will use to prepare your dishes with later, but also get outside, support local purveyors, and create a healthy connection to your food and each other. Food just seems to taste better when it’s local or you’ve picked the ingredients yourself.

Once ingredients have been selected, your team is ready to cook! Engage your favorite local chef to host in their kitchen and then lead the team through the preparation of the meal. This can be done in person, or team members can take the product home and join virtually for a class together where they can cook in the comfort of their own homes making this a hybrid experience. Team members that are not local can have pre-shipped local ingredient boxes and can have the option of taking a virtual tour of the farm so that no one is left out.




While it is currently tough to travel internationally, we can certainly still dream can’t we?! Travel and food go hand and hand. Select a destination that appeals to your group, coordinate a virtual tour of the location and culminate the tour by engaging your favorite chef to teach a cooking class where all ingredients are pre-shipped to attendees and they learn to make a regional favorite.

Get your team’s imaginations flowing with the locations they long to visit and dishes they are eager to try. This is a fun one that really helps the teams get to know each other’s dreams, and goals outside of work. They may like it so much that next year you decide to do it in person!


Always remember, our Toast of the Town Event Planners are here to help you come up with the right custom experience for your team. Whatever you envision, we are here for you to create experiences that bring people together and your business thriving.