The seasons are quickly changing, and with the holidays approaching it is time to start thinking about fun and creative ways to host those long overdue festive gatherings to be enjoyed with your team, supporters, and clients. Everyone enjoys this most wonderful time of the year, and there’s nothing like a holiday happy hour to put you in a festive mood. Virtual or hybrid happy hours are the perfect way to bring remote employees together and create a sense of comradery amongst the team especially during times like these. These events can be a fantastic fit for groups ranging from 5 to 50 attendees.

Toast of the Town event planners are making virtual happy hours even easier for you this year with tons of options to suit any team’s preference. We will even ship each participant a beer, wine or cocktail kit that includes all the premium ingredients needed to make and enjoy a delicious happy hour. You choose the goodies, we will source them, package them up and get them shipped out ahead of time so everyone receives them prior to the event. These happy hour kits are fully customizable and a great way to make sure your team members know you are thinking of them, keeping them engaged throughout these challenging times.

Curious what some of our favorite happy hour themes are? Well you’re in luck because today we decided to share them! These themes are perfect for any occasion or time of the year.


Beer Tasting

Fully immerse your team into the thriving Alaska craft brew scene, with tons of delicious options to choose from. At the moment Alaska proudly boasts an impressive number of close to 50 local breweries, most of whom currently offer some type of product and shipping options to get tasty fresh brews delivered anywhere. Share the taste of a local Alaska IPA with your whole team whether they are based in Anchorage, Juneau or the PNW. Hear from each brewery’s brewmaster and in some cases even get a virtual tour of how it’s made. Take your tasting to the next level!
A couple of our favorite breweries include:

  • Alaskan Brewing Co.
  • Girdwood Brewing Co.
  • Anchorage Brewing Co.
  • Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

For a Simple Addition to Make this Extra Special We Recommend:
**Pares well with Beer trivia



Wine tasting

This concept has us swooning for the pre-covid days, when easy access to international travel taken on a whims notice were typical for the working professional seeking escape on a long weekend. Covid has certainly thrown those days out the window, so the idea of exploring an Italian Vineyard or Spanish countryside has us longing for an opportunity to savor a unique and decadent cabernet. Let us help to bring the vineyard to you and your team, and enjoy a mental vacation by curating a selection of wines from your favorite regions to be delivered and shared from the comfort of your home.

A couple of our go-to wine varietal sources include:


For a Simple Addition to Make this Extra Special We Recommend:
**Pares well with Cheese and Charcuterie



Cocktail Making Class

If spirits is more your team’s thing, consider a cocktail making class. Pick a couple of your favorite spirits and gather to learn how to properly mix (and of course taste) 3-4 cocktail recipes. Keep this current by focusing on a specific time of year, holiday or local trend so that all recipes included in this class can be replicated for that next holiday party, company gathering or hosted dinner.

A couple of our Favorite Occasions for a cocktail class include:

  • Halloween – Bring the Boo’s
  • Christmas – Sleighin’ It
  • New Years – Countdown to Cocktails
  • Employee Recognitions – Cheers to Your Peers!

For a Simple Addition to Make this Extra Special We Recommend:
**Pares well with Cocktail Kits To-Go


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