Hospitality Boxes are otherwise known as “Corporate Gift Boxes” have been becoming more and more popular over the last 2 years, and primarily as a result of the typical in-person corporate event switching over to a necessary virtual event style. Whether they are intended to enhance a virtual event experience with sensory elements that help to better connect the attendees to the event, or use branded items as a method of recognition and appreciation for sponsors, clients, or employees. Either way hospitality boxes create a fun and customized surprise that is delivered to your event attendees ahead of time, getting them excited for the upcoming event and creating a unique element of engagement during the event.

Today we are sharing the 3 main trends we have been seeing and how you can best incorporate them into your own event program.


#1 – “Locally Sourced Small Business Love”

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly affected us all, but in the retail world none more so than local small businesses who survive on foot traffic, the daily work hour rush’s, or holiday shopping. With the economic struggles so many small businesses have faced over the last 18 months, we have been extra conscious to support our local Anchorage businesses and purveyors whenever we can. Fortunately for us, we have not been the only ones thinking this way – as the Toast of the Town event planning team has had more requests than ever just in the last 12 months to use locally sourced, custom curated products for event hospitality boxes and appreciation gifts. These boxes have each been unique in what they contain and have included items ranging from coffee, hand-made mugs, local honeys, lotions, arts, and accessories all provided by Alaska based businesses.


#2 – “Branded Swag Boxes”

Customized and branded swag boxes are a popular item especially for corporate event planners or event fundraising and our second most requested item. Organizations can pull from their stockpile of custom swag they may have on hand or feel free to really get creative by sourcing and designing branded items that they think will be highly in use or are memorable. The trick with this one is knowing your audience and including at least one item that is unexpected. People love getting free event swag and tchotchkes, but at the end of the day if you want people to keep it and use it, make sure the item is of a higher quality than most or something really unique.


#3 – “Delicious Delicacies”

These are definitely our favorites to create! Designing custom food boxes that have beautiful small items like mini cakes, macarons, gourmet cheeses, tea sandwiches, or high-end dried fruit slices can be such a thrill to receive (and make ). Much like a box of chocolates, there is something in there for everyone to love, and more than likely they will explore them all because the presentation is so beautiful and enticing. Much like at a fancy restaurant, you don’t need to overdo the food options if the presentation is simple yet impeccable. Sometimes less is more, and we would certainly agree that the key to executing these is to focus on “presentation”.

All of these amazing gift boxes are ways you can enhance a hybrid or virtual event and to show appreciation to those supporting your organization. As we approach the holidays consider which one might be the right fit for you and your company. Toast of the Town has been customizing boxes for their clients for years and are here to support you. Whether it’s sourcing, packaging, or shipping these little gems, we can do it, letting you and your organization shine.

A recent example of an event hospitality box:

For ideas on what others have done visit our Pinterest page here: