‘Tis the season to celebrate your favorite reindeer! We’ve compiled a great list of holiday event ideas unique to Alaska, for you to enjoy. As a fun option to accompany a holiday party consider Palmer, Alaska’s Reindeer Farm where you can create specialty experiences allowing families to see Moose, Elk, Yak, Reindeer & More. Rudolph has something special that no one can deny, but Blitzen and his buddies would love to help you celebrate in style.



Customize your event by greeting your guests with holiday gift boxes that have some fun branded items to elevate their experience. Branded fleece blankets, insulated tumblers, ear muffs, touch screen gloves, hot beverage tickets to use at your “Toasty Tent” where attendees or families can grab food and warm beverages in one or many heated tents.



Create small group tours for an intimate and safe environment where people can learn about, interact with, and get photos of Alaska’s most unique and adorable animals.

Want to take it a step further? Another great holiday event idea in Alaska is to offer a series of small party shuttle busses and nominate a host for each group. Give each host a menu of options for food and beverage, onboard experiences, entertainment, and gifts to pick from so that they feel special in being able to take some ownership in creating their own mini experiences for their teams.



Maybe a fun afterparty awaits in Anchorage for your guests once they get back from their day of excitement? A short evening reception upon everyone’s arrival can be a lovely way to cap off an incredible day for your group. Hosting for 1-2 hours and making sure to include Uber fares as an option for those who want or need them is the way to let loose a little and still make sure your teammates are taken care of.

Loving these holiday event ideas in Alaska, but needing some support? Reach out any time, we are here to help!

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